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In the anniversary episode of the Kaspersky Lab podcast, Jeff and Dave dive into some hot IT related topics. Some of the topics discussed include the spat between Epic Games and Google intensifies after Google discloses a vulnerability in Fortnite, what the recent US T-Mobile data breach means for you and why a fish tank helped (in a small way) to develop some of the modern internet protocols and systems we still use today.

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In this weeks episode, David and Jeff discuss how some police bodycams could actually be hackable, the FBI has issued warnings to banks, telling them about an impending ATM hack as well as how Google is actually tracking you, even if you tell it not to and a brief look at the Q2 spam and phishing report from Securelist.

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In this special edition of the Transatlantic Cable podcast, Jeff sits down with Ido Naor of Kaspersky Lab’s GReAT to discuss his upcoming talk at Black Hat - Dissecting Non-Malicious Artifacts: One IP at a Time. The talk will take a look at non-malicious documents that are stored on online security scanners will be held at 10:30 am on August 8, in Islander FG.

During the course of their discussion, Ido and Jeff discuss working with GReAT, why you should attend the talk as well as some sneak peeks into what can be expected and his current side project.

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As we pick up the stories for the weekly podcast, Dave and Jeff often bounce a story out there asking if anyone really cares. So needless to say, there are stories that inevitably wind up on the cutting room floor. This week, there really weren’t many of those moments as they looked at topics that could relate to everyone. To kick things off, they look at how a McDonald’s drive thru was hacked in the 90’s – who hasn’t dreamed of messing with people over one of those speakers? The second story combines new research on how insecure USB drives are and also, how people buying used SD cards can get more than they expected. From there, they hop over to a recent breach within the social media app Timehop that has impacted around 21 million users. To wrap up the 45th edition, they take a look at Twitter’s crackdown of fake accounts.

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On the 44th edition of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and Jeff touch base on some of the finer things in life including ice cream and privacy. The stories discussed focus on “hackers” in NYC, Samsung phones sending pics without users knowing, 3rd parties reading your Gmail and more. 

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In this week's podcast, David and Jeff look back at one year since the NotPetya ransomware attack, and see if there's been any improvement in server security.  They also discuss the recent discovery that the UK tax collection service, the HMRC, is under investigation after it emerged that it has stored over 5.1 million biometric voice IDs.

Also this week: GDPR is too hard for some US publications, as some are STILL not allowing EU visitors and how (apparently) social media chatter can predict changes in bitcoins price. Tune in!

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In the 40th episode of the Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and Jeff hit on a number of pressing topics. The conversation ranges from Apple’s fight for privacy, Kim Dotcom looking for a Facebook alternative, the World Cup and more. 

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In the 39th edition of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic podcast, Dave and I have some fun. We discuss Pornhub’s VPN, some bad GDPR, banning Facebook and more. If you want to read more on the stories, you can click on the links below:


Pornhub VPN

Kenya and video posting

UK nabs hacker, and his Bitcoin

Banning Fb for a month

GDPR is hard

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In this week’s edition of the Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and Jeff dive into 5 stories and include some bonus content below. During the conversation they discuss a petition to break up Facebook, Google removing “Do No Evil,” the darkside of the moon and more. If you want to read more on the stories, you can click on the links below:

Teensafe leaks kids’ data

Fake Fortnite apps on Android

Google drops “Do No Evil”

Selfish Ledger

Take this Lollipop

Advocacy group calls for Facebook breakup

China to the darkside of the moon

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Threatpost journalists Chris Brook and Brian Donohue discuss security and privacy at Google's I/O conference, the IRS and Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield Data Breach, the potential end to Sections 215 of the PATRIOT Act and more in this latest edition of the Talk Security podcast.

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Threatpost reporters Chris Brook and Brian Donohue discuss recent security headlines, including a contentious new Executive Order, the Dyre banking scheme, Github’s distributed denial of service troubles, the sale of hacked Uber accounts, Edward Snowden on Last Week Tonight, Snapchat’s first transparency report, a cool YouTube hack and more.

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Threatpost reporters Chris Brook and Brian Donohue revisit last week's Security Analyst Summit, an event put on by Kaspersky Lab in Cancun, Mexico. Talks of interest include the Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis team's Equation advanced persistent threat group, David Jacoby's home hacking and more.

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In this talk security podcast, Chris Brook and Brian Donohue of Threatpost discuss the upcoming Kaspersky Lab Security Analyst Summit, Flash zero days, the Ghost vulnerability and the Anthem breach.

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Threatpost’s Brian Donohue and Chris Brook discuss a tiff between Microsoft and Google, a $10 USB keystroke logger and more in this January edition of the Talk Security podcast.


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Speculation is rampant about who attacked Sony and for what reasons. Many are pointing fingers at North Korea. Talk Security podcast hosts Chris Brook and Brian Donohue discuss the reasons for and against blaming the Hermit Kingdom for a recent and devastating breach of Sony Picture Entertainment’s computer systems.

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Talk Security podcast hosts Brian Donohue and Chris Brook are back with the news edition of the Talk Security podcast, discussing the Regin APT attack platform and the movement toward encrypting everything on the Internet as well as this month's bugs, malware and data breaches.

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Talk Security podcast hosts Chris Brook and Brian Donohue of Threatpost discuss the recently publicized Dark Hotel advanced persistent threat campaign, which seeks to infect the machines of corporate executives as they connect to hotel networks while traveling around the world for work. Also discussed is the much talked about WireLurker Apple malware and the iOS Masque vulnerability that enabled it.

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Brian Donohue and Chris Brook discuss late breaking news of an announcement from Drupal warning customers that they should assume their sites have been compromised unless they installed an update from mid-October withing hours of release. This and more in the October edition of the Talk Security monthly news round-up podcast.

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In the inaugural edition of our recently rebranded Talk Security podcast, Brian Donohue and Chris Brook of Threatpost discuss the Home Depot data breach, how the iCloud celebrity photo leak affected the Launch of the iPhone 6, the end of the trustworthy computing era at Microsoft, and, of course, the Internet-wide bug in Bash, dubbed Shellshock, affecting Linux and Unix systems.

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In the news this month: the world’s premier security conferences, Black Hat and DEF CON, take center stage to open August; more advanced persistent threats emerge in China and elsewhere; malware is using webmail to communicate; and a bizarre tale surrounding a brief outage on Sony’s PlayStation Network. Threatpost’s Brian Donohue and Chris Brook review these stories and more in this August 2014 edition of the Kaspersky Daily podcast.

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